Miracles are strongly based on your awareness and belief system. With greater awareness, you are simply aware of what’s true and what is not. You see and experience far more in the physical world than a person using less awareness, even the five senses become much more alive. As a result, the greater your awareness the more your beliefs will change. When your awareness reaches the level that you understand you are not the physical body but rather, the real you, consciousness and awareness, that created this body and experiences Then real miracles start to happen. Miracles do not start from the physical plane; they start in awareness and consciousness, then become visible as places, things, events, and happenings in the physical realm.

We are kind of like the puppet and the puppeteer. The puppet thinks it’s doing everything, but we know through awareness it is the puppeteer that is expressing through the puppet. With a little more awareness you will also know that awareness and consciousness expressing through the body.


  1. The universe is such that; If you do the right thing even for all the wrong reasons and bad intentions, it will still work. If you do the wrong thing even for all the right reasons and right intentions, it will not work.

    Example: No matter how many times you dial and redial a wrong number it will not work until you dial the right number.

    You must do things the way they work

  2. There is a constant stream of intuitive knowledge streaming to us 24 hours a day. This knowledge is vast. It covers everything in the universe. Anything you desire to know; even massive subject matter is available to you in a way that you can be comprehended in the minutest detail in an instant. Many people receive it on a limited basis. A songwriter may wake up in the middle of the night with an entire song and how to score it in their head. Writers have had the same experiences. So there are people who have intuitive knowledge on a limited basis. It is rather easy to receive it on a regular basis.

    Start receiving intuitive knowledge

    The reason you do not receive the intuitive knowledge streaming to you is that it is blocked by the 50,000 thoughts per day each of us has. These thoughts are like a force field blocking intuitive knowledge from getting in. Useless thought is an epidemic in the world, and it is affecting both us and the planet.

    You have the ability to block all useless thoughts by using awareness and receive streams of intuitive knowledge regularly. Have you ever noticed when you have had your awareness focused on something intently only thought pertaining to what your awareness is on gets in? If you practice being aware at all times of what you are saying, feeling, hearing, and doing, useless thoughts will not enter. Then intuitive knowledge will start flowing in on a regular basis. Then place your awareness on how to produce miracles and you will receive the information in the minutest detail, in an instant.

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