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Do we need a new name for God?

We have all heard the word God. If you asked a thousand people to define God, we may well get a thousand difference answers. The atheist may say there is no God, the Buddhist may agree but for different reasons. Others may say our Lord and Savior, or Love. When it comes to where God resides, it may be in heaven, in man, at the church, out there or everywhere. What does God do? Create, judge,...


In Defense of Pluto: A Short History of the Cosmos

Intelligent information and energy penetrates every atom, and interpenetrates the minutest part of all substances, whether they be solid or gaseous. In fact, it is the force in which the mold is wrought that a substance takes its various patterns from. In no other way can a substance take various forms. Mankind is the only projector and coordinator of these various patterns that a substance...


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