If I was explaining this course to someone, I would tell them it was like setting down with Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg and receiving specific steps on how to become a billionaire. But, this course was not about money. It was far grander into a world I never knew existed. If you know you have awareness, and you are conscious, those are the only two items you need. You will receive the specific steps on how to use your awareness and consciousness that I can guarantee you have never been told let alone taught. This course would make a meeting with the above mentioned billionaires seem like a waste of time.

In my view, this course was exceptional. I have always tried to live a faith based life, but did not feel I was making any real headway. Now I know why. The entire course took away all the mystery and replaced it in perfect understandable terms that I know are true and have control over.
United States

Thank you Wake Up World Center. This has been the greatest learning curve in my life!

My husband and I took the course. We have two children and also encouraged them to take the course as well. For both my husband and myself, it was truly and enlightening experience (not so much for the kids, but they are still young!)
United States

I have heard a lot of preaching on both religion and self-help, so I was quite skeptical when I signed up for the course. I can tell you there was no preaching – it was all fact based and it works!
Russian Federation

Loved it, best money I ever spent!
Hong Kong

It was hard to settle down and do the items required in the training, but I did. The magic for me happened at the end of the thirty days. It was like WOW, the old me is gone and the new me arrived. Thank you so much!
United Kingdom

I would have never thought about taking this training, however I attended a conference one time where William Baker was the guest speaker, I was so captivated by what he had to say and never forgot it. When I found out he was the founder of Wake Up World Center, I signed up for the course. It is truly life changing IN A MAJOR WAY! The single greatest event in my life!
United States

Very powerful! Awesome! This is the real deal.

I have never been so empowered. I finished this course two months ago and I can honestly say that I totally understand who and what I am and the power we all have.

Awareness and consciousness was something I never really thought about. But it is everything. Without them there is nothing.

This course was hard for me. I could not stay focused on the instructions. My thoughts kept wondering off, but I did get through it. At the end of the thirty days I felt like I learned a lot which made me want to go back and do it again (which I did do). I do not have the words for what this has done for me. The only way I can describe it is that I had been asleep all my life and I finally woke up.

This was like touching the philosopher’s stone, it can grant any wish.

I intend to be involved with this Organization.
United States

The great thing was faith was not a part of this. Once you understand something faith is not required, It is just a fact.

“There is a life time of beliefs that have to be overcome, but gradually these are replaced with understanding straight from Consciousness”. That was a huge wow for me!

If a good majority of the humans had this understanding there would be peace in the world, Understanding among nations, health of the planet, oceans and weather would return. Our food supply would be renewed along with the animal kingdom thriving. Awesome course!

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