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Just like the “Masters of Life” Amazed A Group of Scientific Researchers in the Himalayan Mountains during the Early 1900s, You Too Can Stun the World with Your Talent & Success

The year was 1960..

I had just gotten out of the Marines and I was working to build my life in San Diego, California…

I was also on my way to the home of a mysterious 101-year-old woman who said she had a gift for me. For some reason, she thought I was a “kindred spirit,” and she wanted to give me something important.

I was curious, unsure what kind of wisdom this 101-year-old might have to bestow on me.

When I arrived, she unexpectedly pulled out a set of scientific journals that had been collected by a team of researchers studying the “Masters of Life” who resided high in the Himalaya mountains.

These enlightened masters “wowed” the researchers with over 300 documented “miracles” and “wonders” that were unexplainable at the time.

Upon further investigation, the scientists discovered a “method behind the miraculous” that anyone could follow to gain the same powers and abilities. Their methods centered around awareness. Since then, I have tested the knowledge in those journals…

And I have discovered they work equally well in improving EVERY area of a person’s life. I’ve become a world-renowned consciousness researcher, a best-selling author, and the founder of Wake up World Center since then.

With awareness, you can put all the negative aspects of life behind you, and STOP:

  • Earning less money than you know you’re worth
  • Feeling like you are not as smart, competent, or “smooth” as you should be
  • Overthinking, feeling depressed, anxious and “rattled”
  • Being unhealthy because you aren’t aware of how to make sustainable change
  • Feeling like everyone else has the “manual for life” and you don’t (until now)
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I’m going to make a very surprising claim.

Everything you could ever possibly want in your life already exists; the only thing you have to do to make it yours is become aware of it.

Here’s what I mean.

The woman who could become your wife, or the man who could become your husband already exists. All you must do is become aware of them and become aware of how to build a relationship with them.

The business opportunity you may find to be your life’s mission already exists. After all, the raw materials to assemble a computer motherboard have existed since the beginning of time – all it took was awareness of how to assemble and program them to activate their potential.

But this principle goes so much deeper…

In fact, every scientific discovery only tells us about something that already existed. The Theory of Relativity was nothing more than Einstein becoming aware of the way things already were long before he was born. E=MC2 was true before he became aware of it and wrote it down.

It (almost) goes without saying: there is nothing you can find which does not already exist. Because, by definition, if it didn’t exist, then you wouldn’t be able to find it!

So, what? Who cares?

I’m telling you, if you want more from life, andyou should. Because what this means is that increasing your awareness proportionally increases the quality of your life.

Double your awareness and you can own: 2X the wealth, 2X the fulfilling relationships, 2X the knowledge, 2X the happiness, 2X the popularity, 2X EVERYTHING!

Triple it? 3X everything. Quadruple? 4X. Multiply by ten? It’s entirely possible.

Considering that the average human uses only 2% of their awareness and even geniuses only use 10%, there’s practically no limit to how much better your life can be with increased awareness.

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Haven’t you always wondered how some people seem to get everything they desire? How do they just “get it”?

Awareness is the answer, because awareness does everything for you in this life. Awareness is the one golden chain connecting the physical and non-physical worlds – and YOU are in control of it..

NO goal is unrealistic with enough awareness. You can:

  • Aspire to be the next president of the United States (using the connections you have awareness of, and the awareness of what political views your “base” holds)
  • Become a millionaire, a billionaire, maybe even a trillionaire (after all, there has to be a “first” for everything!)
  • Or even simply: accomplish all your dreams, have everything you want, and be happy in all the right ways (this is downright realistic!)
  • Become a world-renowned genius in your field: science, math, technology, investing, etc.
  • Enjoy being filled with happiness, joy, and peace as your brain releases massive shots of dopamine and serotonin NATURALLY

Now. If awareness can do even HALF of what I’m saying here today, then the value of The Unlock Your Maximum Awareness Training Course (which teaches you both the ancient and modern scientific methods for expanding awareness) would far exceed the price, no matter what it is. 

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