In Defense of Pluto: A Short History of the Cosmos

Intelligent information and energy penetrates every atom, and interpenetrates the minutest part of all substances, whether they be solid or gaseous. In fact, it is the force in which the mold is wrought that a substance takes its various patterns from. In no other way can a substance take various forms. Mankind is the only projector and coordinator of these various patterns that a substance assumes. Allow me to digress for a brief moment of explanation.

This so-called universe of ours that rotates around the central sun is but one of 91 such universes that rotate around a central sun. This sun is 91,000x larger than the whole, combined mass of all the 91 universes. This central sun is so colossal that each of the 91 universes, rotating around it in perfect order and sequence, are, in comparison, as small as the minute particles that spin around the central sun or nucleus of an atom.

It takes this universe over 26,800 years to accomplish one turn of its orbit around this great central sun. It moves within one complete precession of Polaris or the North Star. Are you doubting there is intelligent information and energy controlling everything? “For millions of ages the great central sun has drawn to itself the throbbing, pulsating, yet harmonious emanations of energy which must either give forth of itself or burst.

“I will now talk to you as though we are observing together the birth of our planets while it is happening”.

A great, nebulous, gaseous mass has burst forth from the sun. This is the birth of the planet Neptune, which is now a great mass of micro-cosmic particles or atoms ejected from the parent sun with great force and power.

While it is nebulous and indistinct, the point of light appearing before the final expulsion took place is the central sun with the power to attract to itself and hold together even the minutest particles as well as those of larger dimensions that have been given forth from the parent sun.

Your first thought is that an explosion took place and that the sun’s particles have been shot into space. Stop a moment to observe what has really happened. Why do particles and gases cling close together, forming a definite circular pattern? It is because of the Intelligent Law guiding it into perfect order and harmony. This is proof that it is no accident but a sequence governed by a Law that never fails.

This point of light or central nucleus is the central spark or son; the “I AM” of humanity around which all humanity revolves. This is an intelligent determined force. This Law prevails throughout all units of humanity. The central spark is a point of pure white light, where the “I AM” penetrated the first cell. Then it expands, divides, and gives off that light to another cell born of its division, but held together by a coexisting and cohesive force—LOVE.

These particles are nourished and held together just as a mother holds and nourishes her child. It is, in reality, a child of the sun, containing within itself the nucleus of the central sun. That nucleus is in the image and likeness of the parent that has just given it forth. As soon as it comes forth from the parent, this central sun has the same power to draw to itself, consolidate, and hold the vibrant, emanating energy surrounding itself, which is necessary for its life and growth. Finally, it does consolidate the most extended orbit of our Universe.

When Neptune first came forth it began to draw energy to itself, mostly from its parent, the sun, the atom began to consolidate into its form; that is, it began to shape itself into the pattern projected for it before its birth. It occupied the cradle orbit, the orbit within an orbit, which Pluto occupies today. In this orbit, the child is able to more successfully draw its substance from the parent, as it is much nearer to the parent. As it draws substance from its parent, it began to consolidate into a form. Instead of remaining as mere gaseous vapors in the nebulous state, its chemical elements began to segregate and consolidate. The resultant solids from chemical reactions began to consolidate, and a rock structure began to form under intense heat and pressure. As this semi-liquid substance became more consolidated, it began to cool on the surface, forming a crust. This crust became heavier and denser, both by the cooling process and by the assimilation of particles upon, and adding them to, the outside of the crust. When this crust became strong enough to hold the revolving mass together, this mass became the primary rock structure of the planet with a semi-liquid molten mass at its center. Then from the resultant gases and vapor, water began to appear, a product of the union of these gases. The nebula then became worthy of the name planet. It was now fast evolving toward a condition where it could sustain life; yet it must go on for eons of time, adding to its structure, particle by particle, from the outside. The continued cooling of the central mass brought it nearer and nearer to perfection before its atmospheric, chemical conditions, and surface was ready to bring forth life organisms and maintain those life organisms.

At this juncture, the parent sun began to give birth to another atom. As this expulsion was completed, Uranus was born. The extra force emitted from the expulsion threw Neptune out of its cradle into a more extended one. It was compelled to take the orbit now occupied by Mercury to make room in the cradle orbit for the newborn child, Uranus, in order that it might receive its nourishment from the parent until its nebulous structure became a planet.

Conditions again settle down and go well for a long period of time. Neptune, the first child, is growing up and coming nearer to the conditions where it can support life. In fact, amoebic forms are appearing in its clouded, brackish, inland seas. Then another atom is ready to come forth and Saturn is born. The extra force given out at the time of this expulsion sends Uranus out of the cradle orbit and it also sends Neptune out of the orbit now occupied by the planet Venus.

Neptune was now sufficiently cooled and its surface developed to a stage where it was able to support life. It was upon this planet, as it occupied this orbit, that the conditions for the support and nourishment of human life, which the earth enjoys today, were brought to where the human life element could attach itself to the select amoeba necessary for the support and manifestation of the human form.

Thus came into existence the first human race: not the animal amoeba, but the human amoeba, the amoeba of selective type and character, with intelligence that could and did shorten the process of evolution. Upon this planet, conditions were perfect for selective human development which came on at a rapid pace.

There were no lower animal organisms; thus animal life did not develop. The planet was occupied by superior human beings whom rapidly developed into a perfect human race able to supply and support themselves directly from cosmic or aqueous substances. They would have been termed gods on Earth. Many of the legends and myths of today have their inception built around these great people. They were exactly like the principle that brought them into existence. This race, through their ability to express beauty and perfection, began to surround themselves with perfect and beautiful conditions; in fact, they built the planet into a paradise of beauty and perfection.

It was intended that this race should forever maintain this perfect condition accomplished by the absolute control of all the elements. Thus, when they put forth a desire, it was fulfilled instantly.

As time moved on, some began to evidence inactivity and selfishness in attempting to outdo their fellowman. This condition brought on divisions, and divisions brought on selfishness and greed, which caused dissensions. The time that should have been spent in creating for service and advancement was dissipated in strife and contention. Instead of holding closely to their source, they were differing and separating widely, until all, with the exception of a few, lost that which was high and noble and let go of their security and protection. This caused a vortex to gather around the planet.

Instead of holding to the perfect patterns of the divine, whereby they could have accomplished a complete universe of divine attributes upon divine planets, they gave way to such an extent that when the next outburst occurred, it was so enormous that when the nebula was consolidated, the resulting planet was larger in mass than all of those which had previously come forth. Thus, the great planet Jupiter formed. The excess energy given out was so gigantic that it swept Saturn out of the cradle orbit into the orbit now occupied by Mercury. The outburst was so tremendous and the solar system so filled that great quantities of asteroids formed, arrayed, and aligned themselves around Saturn. Being of a different polarity, they could not coalesce with Saturn; thus they were independent and their only alternative was to align themselves around the planet of Saturn as bands of asteroids. As such, they are commonly called the rings of Saturn. Some of these asteroids are as large as planets.

The force swept Neptune, the great and beautiful, out into the orbit now occupied by Earth. All of its magnificence with its great inhabitants, save a few, were swept away. Those who were preserved never let go of their divine heritage and constituted their bodies so that they could seek safety in the emanations of the Spirit Sphere, which is all around and interpenetrates the 91 existing universes.

In this condition, they have been able to preserve their identity and knowledge and give it out, so that it will never pass out of existence. It is through and by these ideals that we live today. We claim kinship with these great ones. They compose the root race of humanity. From them, the ideals of humanity were preserved and the “I AM” of man maintained.

Then followed many millions of eons of time needed for the nebula of Jupiter to take form as a planet. So enormous is its size that it has barely cooled even till today.

Time again passes on with swift wings, and the sun is ready to give birth to the fifth nebula. Mars, the blood-red planet, is brought into existence. As this expulsion is complete, we see a phenomenon happening in mighty Jupiter. A huge red spot has suddenly developed on her side and she is expelling a great portion of herself; she has given birth to a satellite—a moon. There is such an excess of force set up from the two expulsions that the giant Jupiter is thrown out of the cradle orbit, making room for Mars.

As the giant Jupiter occupies its new orbit, the whirling nebulous form is not able to gather to itself the great mass of particles that were expelled at the time of its birth. These particles were so far flung that they came within the influence of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Mars. But being of a different polarity, they could not be assimilated by those planets. They became separate asteroids without planetary polarity; thus they cannot take their place as planets and rotate in order and unison around the central sun. Consequently, they fly into space as vast swarms of meteors, with no rhythm of movement, speeding with fearful velocity, to collide with and imbed themselves in the surface of other planets or to be torn to pieces from collision.

Also, in their mad rush through space, minute particles are carried away until they gradually return to an aqueous mass, where they can be again taken up and assimilated by the great central sun, to be given off again as nebulae at the birth of other planets or atoms. Now comes the outburst that gives birth to the nebula that finally forms our Earth. Mars is thrown out of the cradle orbit and Earth takes its place. Thus all of the planets are sent out into another orbit to give space for the new child. Then Venus is born. In a like manner, the Earth and all other planets and atoms are thrown into ever-expanding orbits in order to make room in the cradle for the newborn planet or atom. Then Mercury is born, throwing the other planets or atoms into another widened orbit, making up the full complement of 8 planets that are visible through astronomy today.

There are really 9, as the cradle orbit is not occupied by Mercury. It is occupied by the last nebula, or child, Pluto. This nebula is still being consolidated into form, yet observed by telescopes this past century and a recent fly-by from NASA. Pluto will still grow in size as it attracts what is polarized to it. It is there, nevertheless, and its influence is felt. Thus the universe that our earth is a part of contains 9 planets or atoms with their 9 orbits, which they follow in mathematical precision around the central sun or nucleus. You have been shown pictures of this creation as it came into being through an orderly sequence.

Something is happening to Neptune, the farthest removed planet from the sun with the greatest orbit. It has reached maturity and also its limit in velocity. It has received its full light charge and is ready to come forth as a sun. It is going into decline as the new nebula begins to take form, and the sun is ready to give birth to the tenth nebula. Before this expulsion takes place, Neptune has reached its limiting velocity in its spin around the central sun; it flies into space and explodes, then returns again to the aqueous form. There it can again be taken up by the central sun to add more energy to that sun, in order that more planets or atoms may come forth.

In the universe of which our earth is a part of, there can be but 9 planets or particles spinning around the central sun at one time. Thus it is a constant round of birth, consolidation, then expansion, reaching limiting velocity, flying off into space, exploding, disintegrating, then reassimilating with the sun in order to give forth new birth.

Thus the sun is reassembling from the aqueous form, in which it sends out to again become aqueous. It is a continuous renewal of regeneration into new birth. Were it not for this process, the great central sun of the 91 universes, as well as the central suns of the different universes, would have been consumed long ago and all would have returned to the Infinite in which all substances exist.

A wise Intelligence that pervades all emanations and space calls the universes into form and starts them on their onward march. The sun or central nucleus never grows old nor dies. It accepts, absorbs, holds, and consolidates, then gives birth to the atom; yet it never diminishes, as it is forever receiving and absorbing unto itself that which it is giving out. Regeneration and rebirth are going on all the time. Universes are being formed, expanding, and returning that which they have received. There is a round of progression from a low to a higher attainment, then onto a higher one.

The galaxy of 91 universes that our earth and its galaxy of planets or atoms is but one galaxy in a still wider-flung universe of 91 galaxies that revolve around a still greater central nucleus or sun that has a mass 91,000x greater than the first galaxy mentioned. This condition goes on and repeats itself by 91, almost indefinitely; the whole making up the great and infinite Cosmos, e.g., the galaxies that comprise the Milky Way. This Cosmos is often called ‘the Atomic Heat Ray,’ the source of the sun’s heat.

This is not a cloud of stars in which the sun belongs. It is a nebula born or expelled from the great cosmic central sun or nucleus just mentioned. The sun, as seen in this nebula, is but a portion of the light rays from the sun; these particular rays are bent at an angle as they enter mass, then are reflected until these bent and distorted rays make up the image of the sun and place it in a false position. These rays are reflected back so distinctly that you think you are actually looking at the sun. In a like manner, many other planets or atoms are distorted by this phenomenon. Where there seem many, there are few in comparison, yet the total actual number is calculated to be millions.

By looking closely, you will see that these nebulae or their suns are not disks but globular and round, flattened at the poles just as Earth is flattened. In looking at them, you are only observing the great flattened polar area.

The stupendous mass of the great Cosmic sun exerts so profound an effect upon light rays that they are reflected completely around the Cosmos. They are also definitely affected and reflected by coming in contact with the Atomic or Cosmic rays, and their particles are thrown out of place to such an extent that thousands of images of planets and stars are reflected from one collection. Thus thousands of planets and stars appear to be misplaced, and many more thousands of the images are again reflected. When we look through the universe, the images show both sides. We see the light that was released hundreds of millions of years before, which has made the complete round of the Cosmos. Thus we get two images instead of one.

One image is of the planet as it was hundreds of thousands of years ago, while the other is as it was hundreds of millions of years ago. This follows through the whole great Cosmic order. In many instances, we are actually looking at the great past but we can also see into the future by the same means.

There is an invisible connection, like a thought or heart impulse amplified billions of cycles through which spiritual orders go forth, that controls all the universes. These great throbbing impulses or heartthrobs go through the intelligence which pervades the aqueous that surrounds its spiritual counterpart, the Cosmos. It is these gigantic heartthrobs that send life currents into every atom of the complete Cosmos, and keep them moving in perfect order and rhythm. In this infinite Cosmos vastness, there can be no sick or discordant cells, as one sick or discordant cell would throw all out of unison—chaos would result. This also pertains to the human organism when disturbed by discordant thought.

Mankind is from and is a counterpart of the intelligence which has control of the whole aqueous source. Mankind is coexistent with the source and draws directly from that great aqueous reservoir, just as the great central sun draws from that source, but in a greater degree because of his union with the greater intelligence directing the source.

Man, the unit of humanity, is a well-organized divine universe, though infinitesimal compared with the great whole of the universes. Yet man, as the unit of humanity, when he assumes and takes actual charge of his divinity, is most necessary, as he is of the great intelligence that is before and in control of the whole divine plan of all universes. Thus, should all the universes be destroyed, man, in complete cooperation with primal intelligence which interpenetrates and pervades all emanations in the Aqueous as well as down to the lowliest physical forms, starting with light emanation could rebuild all the universes. Should such a catastrophe occur, man not only has the power but is the power that resolves himself back into primal intelligence wherein there is no destruction. When quiet again reigns and harmony is restored, it matters not to man, when he is back into primal intelligence, how many billions of ages pass to bring about primal perfection in order that the whole process may be started over again. Here, man maintains oneness with infinity and can afford to wait until the time is ripe for the bringing forth of the universes. Then with the preserved consciousness of former experiences, he is better equipped to assist in the bringing forth of a more perfect and lasting condition. In this, man can never fail, as he is more definite than any form. Failure is not written in his horizon or in his consciousness.

The infinitesimal becomes the infinite for all forms. When the wise sage says: “I AM” deathless, ageless, eternal; there is not a thing in Life or light that I am not,’ he sees this vista. This is true divinity. The ascension is truly his.”

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