Do we need a new name for God?

We have all heard the word God. If you asked a thousand people to define God, we may well get a thousand difference answers. The atheist may say there is no God, the Buddhist may agree but for different reasons. Others may say our Lord and Savior, or Love. When it comes to where God resides, it may be in heaven, in man, at the church, out there or everywhere. What does God do? Create, judge, answer prayers. He also forgives, controls the universe and loves. When we die, what happens to us? We go to heaven, hell or purgatory, get seventy-two virgins. Others say death is the end; nothing more will exist.

Why does no one have firsthand knowledge? Is there an undeniable truth? Have we forgotten? Is it our belief system that’s at fault, religion, our parents?

Why do we die? Why do we get old? Why have there always been so much disease, misery, wars and greed throughout our history? Is it supposed to be that way? Why all the big egos, control, hate along with doubt, fear and jealousy? What’s happening to our planet? I say there is a simple immediate answer to all of this. What if we can change all this today? What if you knew how? Would you do it?

Definition of God - The word God has so much history, meanings, beliefs and feelings attached to it that it is very hard to know what is true and what part has been made up by mankind through the years. Perhaps it’s all correct or all wrong or just half-truths. The only undeniable truth is that the great majority of mankind has a part-time approach to God, if at all. The idea that mankind thinks that God and the self are two different entity’s seems true; however, that separation only happened in thought, just as we all feel separate from each other.

Separation is the root cause of all the misery that humanity has experienced, setting the stage for egos, jealousy, and greed, along with control, hate, fear, and disease. This vortex has even affected our planet, but why?

I would say the consciousness of mankind has expanded in awareness to the level that the cradle stories of religion are no longer realistic to a great majority.

Do we really believe God put us here helpless or that God set up the prayer idea so he or she could decide what favors to grant or deny us? Do you really believe that God is judging us, that one goes to Heaven and another goes to Hell? Do you really believe that God only does the good things on earth and man does all the bad things? Do you really believe God’s residence is at a location called Heaven? Do you really believe that there is someone called the devil who makes us do bad things and resides in Hell? Do you really believe Jesus was somehow not a mortal man like the rest of us? Do you really believe God gave Moses at set of commandments that we were required to live by? Do you really feel God intended for us to feel inferior to him or her in any way?

Stop and think about the word God and the meaning we attach to it. It creates separation. God has the power; mankind has none. We are beholden to God. That is separation.

Now, when we apply the real name of God, “I AM,” everything changes, and separation is dissolved. “I AM” all things seen and unseen, “I AM” the intelligent information and energy that creates the universe and all in it. “I AM the love and Consciousness of all that is and ever will be. When “I AM” looks you in the eye, “I AM” says no introduction necessary: “I AM” you and you are me. “I AM” is expressed in every aspect of life. There is nothing but “I AM” and that includes you and me. Collectively, we are the great “I AM.”

For many of us, this may sound shocking. From your past conditioning and beliefs, you may have had an issue with calling yourself God. However, stop and think for a moment. You would not have an issue proclaiming:

  • I Am conscious
  • I Am intelligent
  • I Am energy
  • I Am information
  • I Am love

Collectively, that is called the great “I AM”. Every human being is made up of these and should have no issue proclaiming them. It is simply taking that next step and in full knowing proclaiming “I AM.” This is an undeniable truth.

The reason this is important is that you must truly know you are the creator of your experiences. You are the Generator, Organizer and Dispenser. It is you with your words, thoughts, deeds and beliefs that are the Generator; it is you the Organizer of intelligent information and energy that correlates and gives life to your expressions; it is you the Dispenser that brings all into your life. Good or bad, there is no one to blame, no one else to pray to. When you pray, you are praying to yourself. The great “I AM” is who you are; it’s what you are made of and it is what everything seen and unseen is made of there is nothing but “I AM”; you can experience any aspect of life you choose. We are all one; in fact, you can’t even be mad at someone without saying or thinking “I AM” mad. “I AM” is an intelligent force, not a singular entity; it resides in all, for all, yet has no direct authority.

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